Know The Types Of Coffee Makers

What is a coffee machine? The coffee machine is a small device brews a good cup of coffee. There are many types and styles of coffee machine that use difference ways to brew a coffee. Below are the main types of an coffee makers.

Espresso Machine

espresso machineOriginated in Italy, the espresso machine is built by Angelo Morinodo from Turin. When he shows a sample of this machine at the General Exposition in Turin in 1884, then his patent was granted on May 16. 1884. He has won a certification titled “New steam machine for economic & instantaneous confection of coffee beverage”.

Today, there are many drive mechanisms in different machine design including Steam, Piston, Pump and Air driven. But they have one thing in common: group head and port a filter. Espresso machine requires that the coffee should be finely ground and packed to make strong coffee, which is often called a “shot” in a small cup of espresso. The brew has a higher volume of the suspended and dissolved coffee bean solid compared with other coffee. It can also use for different beverages including milk, cappuccino ¬†and coffee.

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Drip Coffee Maker

drip coffee makerThis coffee machine is made in America in 1972 by Mr. Coffee and it has been a great success due to its automatic drip features. In 1996, over 70% of american households are using an automatic drip coffee machine. In the drip coffee makers, the cold water is filled in a separate chamber where a heating component is near to it. Hot water is distributed over the coffee grounds in a metal paper filter through the shower head. Then the hot water goes through the grounds and passes through the coffee filter. The coffee grounds are stayed in filter white the hot water is turned to coffee and drips into a coffee pot. The drip coffee makers are not suitable for a big family but you can choose the drip coffee maker in 4-12 cups and various brands, colors and styles.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

single serve coffee makerthis type of coffee maker are getting more and more popular in our day. This coffee maker only produce one exact volume of coffee or exact cup of coffee. Its system will allow a exact amount of water drip through the coffee pack or pod, making cup of coffee into a container positioned under the outlet. You can choose different  beverages for brewing using a single serve coffee maker including chocolate, tea and milk. Single serve coffee makers are very easy to clean and it can produce a cup of coffee very fast.

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French Press

french press coffee makerThe french press coffee maker need a coarse grind compared with drip brew coffee filter. Only better coffee grounds can seep through the press then be brewed into a coffee. The brewing system of a French Press is working through gathering water and coffee altogether, stirring it and leaving it to brew a few moments. Afterwards, The french press presses the plunger, traps the grounds in the bottom of the beaker.

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